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Biological Tuscan Saffron: red gold! Saffron is a spice known and appreciated for millennia thanks to its healing, flavoring and coloring qualities. Saffron is obtained from the stigmas of the flower of a herbaceous plant, the Crocus Sativus, extremely prolific and suitable for growing in any soil. Its cultivation and harvesting turn out to be extremely demanding, keep in mind that to obtain 1 kg of this precious product you need about 150,000 flowers that must all be harvested manually. After harvesting, the stigmas are taken from the flower, always manually and left to dry. Harvesting takes place in the morning when the flowers are open and all processing must be carried out throughout the day. The best way to use this wonderful product is in the form of pistils, which must first be infused in warm water and then used in various preparations. The saffron that is often bought in the supermarket is the one in powder form, the quality of this product is extremely inferior to that in pistils.
organic TUSCAN saffron
The production of Tuscan organic saffron involves growing it without the help of chemicals, weeds are removed by hand or with the use of the hoe or other mechanical means but never with the use of herbicides. The pistils of the Tuscan organic saffron must be taken from the flower only by hand, a job that must always and only be done by expert people to preserve the properties of the harvest. The pistils are dried slowly on special supports and stored at room temperature in special containers.
organic TUSCAN saffron


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